Říjen 2015


13. října 2015 v 18:13 | D'Or |  Day by day
WEIGHT: 91.1kg

BREAKFAST: 2 eggs, 2 slices of rice bread 300kcal
LUNCH: Some pastry from the bakery - 500kcal
DINNER AND THE REST: fried potatoes, kefir (800kcal TOP)

1600 kcal


13. října 2015 v 18:10 | D'Or |  Day by day

I ate nicely. Thats all I can remember because I got so drunk I don't recall anything. :D

10.10.2015 - I fucked up

11. října 2015 v 8:43 | D'Or |  Day by day

BREAKFAST: Müsli with milk
SNACK: 2 rice breads, ham, 1 plain white joghurt
LUNCH: Cabbage, sausage no carbs
DINNER: Overate 3 times - 2 times threw everything up, the third time I could not throw up (Parents were home).....l+(

I hate it when...it's the weekend

10. října 2015 v 13:35 | D'Or |  Some bullshit
I hate weekends. Not simply because of my lack of motivation to do stuff but mainly because of that fact that I am with my family and can't throw up nor eat less. The are forcing me to eat greasy stuff, hig-calorie meals and stuff. I HATE THIS. I want to loose weight don't you realise? Why are you forcing me to eat? Why are you asking me "Hey, loosing weight? Want some chocolate?" GEEZ


9. října 2015 v 17:14 | D'Or
WEIGHT: 91.9kg

BREAKFAST: MÜSLI With milk (400kcal)
LUNCH: SUSHI MAKI, California rolls (500kcal of which I threw up like a half or at least a third)
DINNER: KEFIR, SALAD, 2 RICE BREADS, 50g of ham (500kcal)

TOP 1400kcal



8. října 2015 v 18:19 | D'Or |  Day by day
WEIGHT: 92.6

BREAKFAST:müsli with milk, 1/ě a joghurt with psyllium (400kcal)
LUNCH: crispy chicken salad, soup (600 ? kcal)
DINNER:fried shrooms, 1 egg, ham, 3pcs of rice bread (500kcal ?)

1500kcal --> OK? No, oh FUCK!


7. října 2015 v 13:14 | D'Or |  Day by day
WEIGHT: 93.5

BREAKFAST: Müsli with jíoghurt (400 kcal?)
LUNCH: SUSHI (of which I threw up a half)



7. října 2015 v 13:12 | D'Or |  Day by day
WEIGHT: 94.8

Breakfast: NOTHING
Lunch 1/2 of a potato soup, chicken meat, 20gof potatoes

Afted that I had some w**d and I overate like 3 times always threw everything up so it's kind of OK


I hate it when....I can't throw up

4. října 2015 v 14:31 | D'Or |  Some bullshit
My family is home at the moment. I can't throw up. Oh dear. I ate the whole lunch, avoided carbs but still I ate too much and I wanna throw up so badly that my stomach is screaming in pain. I want to throw up until I see the blood coming out. I know it's crazy but I DON'T CARE. I am still angry at myself. I've never threw up blood but I want to - it would be a symbol of my success. I am crazy haha :D Don't judge my craziness I'm on medication already and evidentially it's not working much. Uhh....how much I want to vomit.... But I can't....OH SHIT!!!!!

I know it, I am a fat bulimic

4. října 2015 v 14:25 | D'Or |  Some bullshit
Hi there, hang on I am talking 'bout some shit

Yes, I am a bulimic. I was diagnosed so. I was hospitalized because of it and I dont fucking care.
I've always been so. I mean ever since my fucking mother told me I was fat in front of some creepy doctor and was sent
to a spa for fat people. Ever since that I was throwing up on a regular basis. My weight was changing slowly for the better
but then again I gained everything back. Every fucking time. Now I weight 93.8 kgs and I hate myself. Literally. I'm going to change that again. I hope I will. My motivation will be this blog and maybe the fact that I am writing these posts in English because I really love this language. Please forget about my gramatical mistakes or whattever. Well...I don't even care about some shity comments. I don't care about it. I just wanna loose this fucking weight and I am angry, very angry. Thats why I curse and I will continue to do so as we speak.

Whats my story you ask?

I am a psycho and I know it. I am bipolar queen, semi-lesbian, emotionally unstable bulimic. Well my doctors claim that. I dont mind. I know that I am crazy. It's my battle. And I am choosing to loose weight. FOREVER. I wont really mind if I die doing so. But to be honest - I am so fat that I cannot simply die from malnutrition. I will last a century to die. So shut up you anorexia and bulimia awareness people. SERIOUSLY.

Plans for my anorexic and bulimic future

4. října 2015 v 14:14 | D'Or |  Day by day
Today I woke up, weighted myself after a very long time and I must say that I hate my body even more than before. I am pretty self conscious and I believe I can change my body image in matter of weeks. I hope everything will go according to my plan:

Breakfast: Müsli with milk (50g) -->about 300kcal
Lunch: ANYTHING but no carbs top 500kcal

I will add exercises such as 30 day ab challenge + fitness centrum 3 times a week


and by the way.... I am a psycho